Now that the Democrat Party has complete control over Congress and the federal government, it would be really great if the mainstream media would do their job and conduct some actual oversight of this and critical issues of actual importance.

Instead, they’d rather toss raw red meat to their far-left masses in the form of anything critical they can find on U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, including her milage.

That’s right, they think they’ve blown the cover off campaign ethics reporting by questioning whether her milage from campaigning across the sprawling 3rd District to defeat an incumbent congressman was exaggerated.

Boebert claims roughly 38,700 miles driven during her campaign, across one the nation’s largest district that encompasses nearly 50,000 square miles.

Colorado Public Radio tried tracking nearly 130 advertised events and came up with 30,000 miles. 

They came up 8,000 miles short with a guesstimate over eight or nine months of campaigning and that’s a scandal?

Some of Boebert’s fellow Republicans have stepped to her defense, including Rep. Ken Buck, chair of the state party. Scott McInnis, a former representative for the district, told CPR News that he “routinely booked 70,000 miles, plus or minus, each year.”

We’re surprised the media isn’t criticizing her for covering less than 39,000 miles of her 50,000 square mile district and not 70,000 like McInnis used to campaign.

Here’s Boebert’s classic reaction to the media’s overreaction:



For those of you not familiar with the real campaign finance scandal to which Boebert refers, Democrat U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota paid her husband $2.8 million as a campaign consultant during her last election.