Colorado Democrats are set to introduce a gas tax increase this year in the state legislature.

The tax increase will be structured as a fee increase on each gallon of gas purchased by consumers at the pump.

Colorado voters passed Prop 117 in November, a measure that requires voter approval on new fees.

To get around this requirement, Democrats are employing a shady legal workaround that officially places the gas tax increase under an existing enterprise fee.

If that sounds a bit confusing, let’s strip away the legalese.

Democrats know that their gas tax increase would fail if sent to the ballot, so they are structuring the tax increase in a way that deliberately bypasses the voters of Colorado.

“People spoke loud and clear on 117. The politicians are not listening,” said American for Prosperity’s (AFP) Jesse Mallory on Jon Caldara’s show earlier this week.

According to the Colorado Sun, AFP plans to fly a plane around the state capitol when the legislature returns on Tuesday with a banner reading “VOTE NO ON THE GAS TAX INCREASE.”

The banner is part of a larger anti-gas tax campaign AFP launched earlier this week.

Republicans in the state legislature appear unified heading into this fight, arguing voters should have a say on the proposed gas tax increase.

“What is this word ‘fees?’ It sounds like ‘tax’ to me,” state Sen. Paul Lundeen said in January.

“If it’s a tax, then we need to have a conversation about it.”