Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in charge of Congress seem to think the National Guard is their own personal security force.

Now they want to keep the 6,000 troops including 200 men and women from Colorado until fall.


No one will explain, and that’s unacceptable.

If there is indeed a threat so great it requires miles of fencing, razor wire and thousands of troops, the American people deserve to know what it is. 

But Pelosi won’t even tell members of Congress the nature of the threat.

The troops were dispatched last month to the Capitol to aid in securing the inauguration, a duty in which our guard regularly serves. But then word leaked they were to remain until the end of March

Following the conclusion of the sham impeachment trial on Saturday, Fox 5 in D.C. reported the troops are needed until fall.

Defense Department and law enforcement officials are to meet Wednesday to discuss the extended deployment.

Numerous states recalled their troops after the inauguration duty was completed, but Colorado taxpayers continue to pay for our troops’ deployment. 

Gov. Polis has been mum on the issue.

Perhaps he forgot our men and women who volunteer for this duty are still there.

U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse hasn’t, and swung by to ask about the deployment extension for a little publicity stunt on Valentines Day.

Neguse doesn’t say whether that’s Colorado’s National Guard or some random troops he and his press secretary found in the Capitol basement canteen.

Meanwhile, it turns out our troops are still being sent to the outdoor garages to take their extended breaks.

We agree, it does need to stop now.

Polis needs to bring our troops home, now.