Having not learned his lesson at all the last time he snubbed beef and one of the state’s leading industries, Gov. Polis has declared March 20 as MeatOut Day in Cattlerodo.

The meat-free holiday was started by the Farm Animal Rights Movement to convince us carnivores we should limit our diet to what grows on our lawn, and those crunchy things that make shish kabobs so colorful.

For the Western Slope Greek community, lamb will serve as an acceptable substitute for meat.

Veg News reported this week:

“America’s first openly gay governor Jared Polis is declaring March 20 a meat-free holiday to help Coloradans ditch animal products.”

According to the MeatOut Day order signed by Polis:

“Since MeatOut was launched in 1985, more than 35 million Americans have explored a plant-based diet and reduced their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs; and major food manufactures and national franchises are marketing more vegan options in response to this growing demand …” blah, blah, blah.

When Polis told us to reduce our meat consumption and promoted Burger King’s plant-based Impossible to eat Burger a couple of years ago, he had to eat his words during a #BetterwithBeef campaign with Colorado cattlemen.

While it might have been a heaping helping of crow, it looked more like a 100% all-Colorado beef hamburger that Gov. Jared Polis chomped down on Wednesday.

Colorado’s cattle industry didn’t take well to the governor’s recent comments encouraging the state Department of Agriculture to look at meatless options, in a state where beef and related products are the top agricultural export.

The industry charged back Wednesday with a campaign to educate Coloradans about the cattle industry’s value to the state economy.

Cattle contributes billions of dollars to the state’s agriculture industry, which supports more than 170,000 jobs.

Most veggie burgers are made from soybeans, which are but a blip on Colorado’s agricultural menu.

Would you like fries with that next apology, governor?