The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association will counter a dubious holiday proclaimed by Gov. Polis for his elitist friends to eat only fake meat processed with soybeans and yard clippings, which is ironically referred to as natural food.

While the high-minded celebrate “Meat Out” day on March 20 in their socially distanced solitude, real Coloradans who work hard for a living will meet in restaurants with their friends and family to celebrate “Meat In” day with real beef.

The goal of #BetterWithBeef day is to promote the benefits of meat consumption while patronizing local restaurants and businesses still affected by the Polis administration’s unchecked overregulation of the economy.

The last time Polis insulted the state’s cattle economy, which brings in billions of dollars a year and accounts for 170,000 jobs, the governor felt compelled to join the cattlemen at their counter-event.

No word yet on whether Polis will apologize, again, for insulting Coloradans who rely on cattle and beef for a living, or if he continues to side with the processed fake meat contingency, which does zip for the state’s economy or appetite.