Republican Greg Lopez is getting busy with his campaign against Gov. Polis, hitting the Lincoln Day dinner circuit and preaching the gospel of a united party to wrest control of the state from its abusive, elitist and controlling Big Brother.

Speaking recently to crowds in Morgan and Logan County, the former mayor of Parker vowed to dethrone Polis and to equally represent rural and urban areas. 

“You’ll never see the governor come here and campaign because he doesn’t need your vote,” Lopez said.

“[Polis] shuts down our businesses. Then, he talks about saving lives while he’s destroying our families,” Lopez said. “I’ll never shut down your business.”

Lopez came in third place in the 2018 Republican primary behind the eventual nominee Walker Stapleton, and Victor Mitchell.

Lopez took a brief break then jumped back on the campaign trail to build his name recognition for another run at the nomination. 

Lopez pledged to campaign in every county, so he’s unlikely to actually encounter Polis wherever he goes. 

He also took a shot at the governor’s most recent fax pas, insulting Colorado’s cattle industry with a dubious holiday celebrating processed fake meat.

It went over well in counties where cattle probably outnumbers people. 

Not that we’re counting the days (WE ARE), but the gubernatorial primary is June 2022.