That wasn’t much of an apology the state agriculture commissioner issued in a letter to livestock producers trying to downplay Gov. Polis’s designation of March 20 as a day to ditch Colorado beef in favor of plant-based crap grown elsewhere.

It’s not like it’s a state holiday, Commissioner Kate Greenberg tried to explain away, before throwing former Gov. Hickenlooper under the bus for issuing a similar proclamation a decade ago.

As we reported last week, Polis noted in his MeatOut Day proclamation that more than 35 million Americans have reduced their meat and dairy diet since the  holiday from meat was first launched in 1985.

The backlash to Polis’s insensitivity to the state’s multi-billion cattle industry was swift, and served medium rare with a choice of baked potato, fries, or onion rings: A counter-observance on the same day to celebrate meat.

From Greenberg’s open letter:

I have spoken with many of you who expressed concern with the proclamation that designated March 20th as MeatOut day. I would like to clarify that this proclamation does not create a new state holiday, despite certain headlines, and that proclamations are non-binding. Also, this is not a new proclamation – former Governor John Hickenlooper made a similar proclamation in 2011. The Governor’s office processes hundreds of these requests by advocacy groups representing the wide spectrum of opinions that make up our great state. But still, you matter, your voice matters, and I am listening.

It doesn’t sound at all like she is listening.

If Polis just wanted to represent the “wide spectrum of opinions that make up our great state” as Greenberg stated, then he should have written a proclamation that supported vegetarianism, instead of totally trashing the livestock industry that fuels that state’s economy.

Greenberg and Polis are clearly not listening. If they were, Polis would never have signed a proclamation designating a special day to recognize that: 

“WHEREAS, removing animal products from our diets reduces the risk of various ailments, including heart disease, high-blood pressure, stroke, various cancers, and diabetes; and

“WHEREAS, a plant-based diet helps protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, preserving forests, grasslands and wildlife habitats, and reduces pollution of waterways; and

“WHEREAS, a growing number of people are reducing their meat consumption to help prevent animal cruelty; and

“WHEREAS, since MeatOut was launched in 1985, more than 35 million Americans have explored a plant-based diet and reduced their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs; and major food manufacturers and national franchises are marketing more vegan options in response to this growing demand;

“WHEREAS, Colorado is the proud home to farmers and ranchers alike and we recognize the importance of agriculture in the state; THEREFORE I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim March 20, 2021, as MEATOUT DAY.”

Farmers and ranchers are important, but they are trying to kill the planet, is what Polis is basically saying.

No wonder so many Coloradans are pissed.

The Polis administration’s remorse is about as heartfelt as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tone-deaf “apology” for simply being playful to those women he sexually harassed.