A terrifying scene unfolded across University Hill in Boulder Saturday night as hundreds of college students drank beer without wearing masks and broke social distancing edicts for no redeeming social justice cause whatsoever.

It was like a scene straight out of the soon-to-be-banned movie, “Animal House.”

Horrified Boulder busy bodies called on their still-funded police to come to their rescue and break up the revelry, which included fireworks and shouts of joy.

Breathless tweets from Boulder Daily Camera Reporter Mitchell Byars revealed the gruesome scene.

Screenshot of video captured by the Boulder Daily Camera.

It was pure selfishness on full display by joyful teens and young adults who haven’t socialized for a year.

Quelle horreur!

Byars tossed objectivity to the wind and scolded students for their scandalous and as it turns out, illegal human nature of socializing.

The police showed up with a SWAT team and a fire truck, and at some point, things went sideways.

Tear gas was unleashed on the partygoers, a car was reportedly overturned at some point, rocks and bricks were thrown at police and three first responders were injured.

Assaulting the police was wrong and inexcusable.

We wish we could say we are surprised, but we’re not.

Boulderites scorn the police, college kids are being taught to rebel against cops, and now the community is shocked at the outcome?

Will the irony ever end?

It will not.

There is a lot of anger in the aftermath from the students’ liberal peers who have labeled this event as a riot.

Yet their outrage over the violence towards police is overshadowed tenfold by their irritation at the kids who didn’t wear masks and stood within six feet of one another.

It wasn’t just a riot, it’s been declared as a super-spreader event.

University officials will likely send all the party goers they can identify to reeducation class to learn that Gov. Polis’s executive orders can only be flouted in the service of civil disobedience, not to party like the Buffs won the Rose Bowl, or spend Christmas with family.

It’s not like this is America, anymore.