Vice President Kamala Harris visited Colorado Tuesday to drum up support for the Biden administration’s far-left partisan wish list that Democrats disguised as COVID relief.

The visit was part of a broader tour along with President Biden’s events in Pennsylvania.

Ironically, many of the takeaways from these PR stunts were not about the Democrats’ alleged COVID stimulus bill, but that small business owners were thankful for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) passed by Republicans and signed into law by President Trump last year.

Jack Briggs, CEO of Springs Rescue Mission and a retired Air Force Commander, is a big fan of the Republican program.

“I’ll also tell you that PPP was incredibly important for us,” Briggs said.

“We talk about volunteers. We are a volunteer organization for a lot of our people. When COVID hit we couldn’t have the volunteers anymore. But PPP allowed us to hire people during COVID crisis to be frontline workers for us because obviously we can’t do what we do remotely.”

Likewise, Biden struggled to defend Democrats’ wasteful spending, and at one point suggested to reporters that specific business owners he was visiting, like Smith Flooring of Chester, Pennsylvania, were unable to obtain a PPP loan under his predecessor.

However, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) pointed out that Smith Flooring actually did receive a PPP loan almost immediately after Trump signed the relief measure into law last April.

“Promoting a bill that provides less than 10% to COVID relief has proven to be so difficult, the Biden administration has resorted to highlighting a program that’s not even in the bill,” the NRSC said in a release.

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Michael Joyce also panned Harris’s effort to recast Democrats’ government waste as stimulus.

“With most of the [stimulus] bill going towards pork and unrelated projects that have nothing to do with directly fighting COVID, Harris and Emhoff are all hat, no cattle when it comes to providing Colorado with real relief,” he said.