Vice President Harris’s niece, Denver School Board member Tay Anderson, and socialist activist Joe Salazar are among the Democrats facing backlash for assuming that the suspected Boulder mass murderer was a white man.

Meena Harris and Anderson deleted their tweets after learning the suspect’s identity, 21-year-old Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa of Arvada.

Members of the liberal press, including USA Today’s diversity and inclusion editor, also played the race card based solely on Alissa’s appearance after his arrest.

Not to be outdone, Minnesota’s socialist U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar took the opposite view, claiming the media was disproportionately focusing on the shooter’s race because Alissa, in her view, was not white.

Former Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar made a similar observation, which ironically came before we learned the shooter is reportedly a Muslim.

Omar and Salazar’s implication that “white men” and “Muslims” are mutually exclusive is rather bigoted, especially when you consider 96% of Syrian immigrants consider themselves white.

Democrats’ focus on the shooter’s race betrays bias on a number of fronts, but most importantly demonstrates liberals were apparently more concerned with the ethnicity of the murderer than the 10 victims and the grieving families they left behind.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News took a blowtorch to Democrats and the media over their sick fixation on Alissa’s race.

TUCKER CARLSON: So this is what “wokeness” is. This is how you see the world when you’ve been so corrupted by ideological mania that you consider even a mass shooting a perfect opportunity to push your race-based political agenda. He was a White man. That’s all you needed to know.


Then we learned the suspect’s name: Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. That fact raised an immediate problem for the race mongers. Does Ahmad Alissa qualify as a White man? No.


Honestly, you may be wondering, who cares? He just shot 10 people. That’s the only fact that matters. By the way, for what it’s worth, Ahmad Alissa looks pretty pale to us, too, not that decent people ought to care one way or the other about his race. But to the bigots in charge of America’s increasingly convoluted and politicized system of racial classification, his race is the only thing that mattered. They decided that people called Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa cannot be White men no matter what they look like. People with names like that are oppressed. Therefore, they’re not White.

The left’s obsession with inserting racial narratives into the Boulder tragedy is beyond disgusting.

Ten people are dead, including Boulder police officer Eric Talley.

Decent people should be focusing on the victims of this tragedy, not turning Alissa’s heinous acts into an excuse to push vile racial grievances.