John Hickenlooper was the governor of Colorado from January 2011 through January 2019.

The time for action was long before the Florida-organized march on Washington, D.C. on March 24, 2018.

Did Hickenlooper even notice the event at the time?

We ask because according to his schedule, he would have been packing for Kimball Musk’s wedding in Texas and making plans to visit Italy, for which he would later be slapped with an ethical violation.

Some would rightfully argue the time for action was when Hickenlooper was governor for the past decade, when the Aurora theater shooter killed 12 people in 2012.

Or in 2015 after the Planned Parenthood shooting that left three dead.

It was time for action when you were governor, Hickenlooper.

And yet, Hick’s legacy was the indefinite delay of Nathan Dunlap’s execution — the Chuck E. Cheese killer convicted of murdering four people.

Dunlap’s official clemency was granted by Gov. Polis, who Colorado now looks to for justice in the Boulder killings.

Together, we expect less than great things from these two politicians.