Denver School Board member Tay Anderson has been accused of sexual assault.

According to a press release posted by the local Black Lives Matter 5280 chapter, one of their unnamed members named Anderson as the perpetrator of her sexual assault.

No other information on the allegations was immediately available.

Earlier this year Anderson said teaching consent in public schools was something DPS would be “working on.”

Here is the full text of Black Lives Matter 5280’s release:

“In late February, a woman came forward to BLM5280 alleging that Director Tay Anderson is the perpetrator of her sexual assault. At the request of the alleged survivor, we are publicly sharing this information in hopes of ensuring her and all of our safety and well-being. We trust that our supporters and community partners, as well as Dir. Anderson’s supporters and community partners, will be mindful of the struggle in outing oneself as a survivor of sexual assault; particularly when bringing allegations forth against a person in a position of power and influence. As such, the alleged survivor has requested to remain anonymous at this time. Please respect her boundaries.


At present, the alleged survivor’s only requests of Dir. Anderson are that he issue a public apology and seek help from a licensed professional with relevant expertise. The alleged victim’s requests are in alignment with restorative justice—one of our guiding values as a chapter. Bear in mind that although these allegations have not gone through a formal legal process, BLM5280 is fiercely committed to protecting, uplifting, and believing Black women, decidedly as it relates to sexual violence. When we say protect Black women this must entail calling in those who have allegedly caused harm, including elected officials. Until Dir. Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically or on any of our platforms.”

The controversial Denver School Board member was also involved in a hospital confrontation earlier this year at a hospital after he accused the staff of racism.