Colorado’s ranching and livestock industry are under attack again and not just from a dumb proclamation by the state’s own governor.

A ballot initiative now collecting signatures would redefine the breeding of farm animals as sex acts, and sets age limits so animals can outlive their tender tastiness to live and graze at their leisure as ranch ornaments.

The Colorado Sun reports the measure comes from the animal rights group PAUSE — Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation — and would rewrite the animal cruelty code to define common farm practices to assist in reproduction as “sex acts.”

State Rep. Richard Holtorf, a Washington County cattle rancher, told the Colorado Sun he’s concerned the ballot measure’s language will fool voters into signing onto a policy shift that would have a devastating impact on livestock production.

Registered voters, especially those walking the streets in Denver and Boulder, are unlikely to understand the full implications of the proposal, he said. The only question city dwellers will hear, he said, is whether they want to ban sex with animals.


“They will have urbanites who in many cases don’t know where a hamburger comes from, don’t know where a lamb chop or pork roast or even the toppings on their pizza come from, and they will be asked the simple question,” he said. “Who would want sex with animals?”

Read the rest here to see how they want to rewrite the language. Freaks.

Livestock leaders are calling on Gov. Polis and his agriculture leaders to get ahead of the issue.

Since Polis arrogantly tried to take credit for the successful Meat In Day that countered his own anti-meat declaration, the governor might want to do more than just send out a mouthpiece to pledge opposition.