Denver-based reporter Lori Lizarraga published a scathing opinion piece over the weekend alleging discrimination by her former employers at 9News.

It culminated with management getting rid of her and two other female hispanic reporters without cause, she wrote.

It is important to note some of her complaints admittedly come off as the frustrations of a biased, left-wing journalist.

Yet serious red flags are raised about how the woke white liberals at 9News are treating their hispanic colleagues.

For instance, Lizarraga said she was “instructed not to wear my hair in a bun with a middle part anymore,” a style she says she has worn her entire life as someone of Mexican and Ecuadorian heritage.

She also claimed she received a written warning after she interacted on Twitter with “several black community leaders” last summer.

This one is rather stunning, because interacting with left-wing political activists on Twitter is pretty routine for other 9News employees like Kyle Clark.

The irony was not lost on Clark’s woke Twitter fanbase.

While 9News hasn’t responded to Lizarraga’s claims, national reporters from the New York Times, CNN, CBS News, and other major markets are excoriating 9News on Twitter.

Here are some highlights:

Admittedly, it’s troubling the national press seems more outraged about this controversy than when 9News’s security guard literally murdered a conservative, but that’s a story for another day.

Earlier this week a coalition of Democrat hispanic elected officials also requested a meeting with 9News management to address Lizarraga’s claims of discrimination.

These allegations are particularly troublesome for 9News because it will severely tarnish their reputation with their largely white liberal audience.

It demonstrates 9News and people like Kyle Clark are the worst kind of woke hypocrites.