The politically correct chickens have come home to roost for Denver School Board’s at-large director and perpetual victim Tay Anderson.

The socialist Democrat stands accused of sexual assault by anonymous women who demand justice.

But not American Justice as established by the country’s white forefathers, which presumes innocence and demands proof of guilt.

No, the victims and their advocates at Black Lives Matter 5280 seek restorative justice — a theory of justice practiced in Denver public schools, which the Denver Post once credited as having created a “utopian society” at North High School.

The premise of restorative justice as practiced by Denver schools is to give kids a good talking to when they do wrong rather than doling out punishment.

Now progressives are eager to prosecute real world crimes in the same manner teachers dealt with playground bullies by applying restorative justice in the courtroom.

Philadelphia prosecutors are trying to persuade a judge to allow restorative justice for hundreds arrested during last summer’s protests against police, in which 900 businesses were damaged or burglarized causing millions of dollars in damage.

According to the Philly Inquirer, about 500 defendants have no prior record and can’t afford to pay restitution. 

Therefore, they reason the community should be allowed to “resolve some of these cases through education, mediation, confrontation, reconciliation, and most of all healing.”

Also known as a good talking to, with no punishment or restitution for their crimes.

Here’s how restorative justice would be served to Anderson, according to Black Lives Matter 5280:

At present, the alleged survivor’s only requests of Dir. Anderson are that he issue a public apology and seek help from a licensed professional with relevant expertise. The alleged victim’s requests are in alignment with restorative justice—one of our guiding values as a chapter. Bear in mind that although these allegations have not gone through a formal legal process, BLM5280 is fiercely committed to protecting, uplifting, and believing Black women, decidedly as it relates to sexual violence. When we say protect Black women this must entail calling in those who have allegedly caused harm, including elected officials. Until Dir. Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically or on any of our platforms.”

So all Anderson has to do is make a public statement that he raped a bunch of women, say he’s sorry, and get help.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

 Except for the whole admitting to rape thing, which might actually cost him political support among some in his base, and get him thrown in jail.

It’s a toss up as to whether that would kill his political career, or get him elected to the Denver City Council. These are very confusing times.

We doubt Anderson will simply accept his fate in this newfound utopian society of restorative justice he appeared to once embrace.

He actually appears kind of desperate, having already hired a white lawyer and agreed to cooperate in an investigation with The Man.

We predict Anderson won’t submit to restorative justice, and will instead choose battle with the cancel culture he also embraced to defend his title of victim supreme against those he’s accused of victimizing.