Allow us to fix that headline.

Joe Biden unveils $2 trillion tax hike, 

tells American employers to suck it up!

Here’s what Colorado’s Democrat delegation had to say about Biden’s $2 trillion tax hike to pay for his $2 trillion spending bill:

Wait, that last one was from a Republican.

So what does the Wall Street Journal report about all these new roads we’re getting as part of the $621 billion in transportation spending?

The plan, which requires congressional approval, calls for modernizing 20,000 miles of roadway

Wait, that’s it?

Only 20,000 miles of roads nationwide will be modernized? With what, gold pavement?

What exactly is Biden going to spend on this $2 trillion in new taxes he’s raising?

According to the Wall Street Journal, all sorts of non infrastructure stuff:

  • $300 billion goes to the manufacturing industry
  • $400 billion for the aging and disabled
  • $213 billion to build housing 
  • $100 billion for broadband access

That leaves another trillion still unaccounted for that can for for Green New Deal projects and perhaps another bridge to nowhere.