Pay no attention to those headlines suggesting the state legislature changed its mind about building a democracy-repellent fence around the Capitol building.

 House Speaker Alec Garnett signaled in classic poli-speak, two-step double-back, that Democrats are simply changing tactics to build their wrought iron, semi-privacy fence once the public is no longer paying attention.

Most likely that will occur after a taxpayer-funded study proves they indeed talked about it.

“At the moment, people can feel comfortable that we pressed pause, if not stop, to allow for us to set up that process,” Garnett said. He later added, “It’s essentially a pause-slash-stop of the fence. Clearly, people have opinions on a fence, so let’s set up a process to talk about it.”

This new as-yet-to-be-disclosed process was announced after the media exposed all the secret meetings lawmakers were holding to secure taxpayer funding for their fence and the public predictably balked at the idea, loudly.

The $1 million fence was ostensibly planned to prevent another $1 million in vandalism like we saw during the Peaceful Protests™ last summer. 

Workers tried erecting fencing while they fixed the damage and removed all the vulgar graffiti last year, but that failed to stop vandals from getting to the building to cause even more damage during the cleanup.

We’ll keep PeakNation updated as further plans develop to talk about the fence, which might occur before it just springs up in dark of night.