The cancel culture came hard for Western Colorado University President Greg Salsbury claiming he compared BLM protests to the Jan. 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol, but the board of trustees held fast and agreed to retain him.

The faculty voted amongst themselves and say more than 50% wanted Salsbury fired for blaspheming BLM’s Peaceful Protests™.

The English department was either unpersuasive or failed to point out Salsbury made no such comparison, nor did he even mention the BLM in the offending paragraph of a letter he wrote after the Capitol riot.

According to the Denver Post, this is the statement that prompted the stampede of professors to signal their virtue:

“Over the last year, rioting, burning, looting and violence have emerged from protests across our country — resulting in seemingly endless confrontations, destruction of entire cities, properties, serious injuries, the public’s overall sense of security and deaths,” Salsbury wrote. “Most of us have watched these events unfold with a mixture of confusion, fear, disgust, anger or sorrow. Many have openly questioned whether this is America any longer. The violence yesterday that interrupted the traditional, peaceful transfer of power punctuated these feelings.”

But, but, but, the faculty continued, Salsbury committed another sin five years ago when he dared to ask a rhetorical question in the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Will colleges now have to let students self-identify as a different race?” 

The board of trustees further ignored the faculty’s protestations, and hopefully fired the lot of them for acting ignorant.

Here’s the board’s statement:

“Given all the factors involved, we support the president and look forward to fostering unity through transparency and accountability, bringing together the best efforts of the board, the president, faculty, students and the entire WCU community, to lead Western successfully into the future.”

It’s about time someone stood up to the real culprits of cancel culture — those who are teaching it to our children.