Colorado Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet kicked off his campaign waaaaaay earlier than the usual beginning of the 2022 campaign cycle around Labor Day weekend.

And instead of bragging about how much money he raised in the latest quarter, Bennet’s diverted the media’s attention to his new campaign team.


The real news is buried in the last paragraph of this report from Colorado Politics:

Bennet’s campaign has yet to release his fundraising totals for the just-ended first quarter, but previous filings show he ended 2020 with about $530,000 on hand after raising a total of about $1.5 million, including $55,000 transferred from his unsuccessful presidential campaign. The campaign also reported that it owed about $375,000.

So Bennet’s basically beginning the new quarter with about $155,000 to spend.

Pennies compared to Democrat state Rep. Kerry Donovan, who’s bragging about the $614,000 raised in just 55 days in her race against Western Slope Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, who out-raised her with $700,000.

But sure, tell us more about the whiz kid staffers Bennet’s hired.

Bennet has hired Justin Lamorte to be his campaign manager.

Lamorte worked for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Dan Baer, where his crowning achievement was the geofencing technique he used to deliver parody campaign ads to a small geographic region around the Bellco Theater during the taping of a podcast that had no effect on the campaign whatsoever and Baer dropped out of the race weeks later.

Then there’s Emily Gittleman. She used to work for U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey, and now she’s Bennet’s digital director.

We checked her Twitter, for a sampling of her digital talent.

Here’s her patriotic musings on President Biden’s inauguration.

Kelsey Hamilton’s mad political skills will be utilized as Bennet’s state finance director.