What happened to Daunte Wright in Minneapolis was a horrific tragedy.

He should not have been shot after slipping the cuffs and attempting to flee in his car as police were arresting him on an outstanding warrant for robbing a woman of her rent money.

According to court documents, Wright had choked a woman and threatened to shoot her if she did not hand over the money she had stuffed in her bra amounting to $820.

No matter Wright’s alleged violent history, resisting arrest that day did not warrant being fired upon with a gun.

Sure, the officer claims she intended to reach for her taser gun. Yes, she can clearly be heard shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” before firing.

We’re betting she’ll be found guilty of the manslaughter charges filed against her.

Meanwhile, we think she would have justifiably been fired if she hadn’t already resigned.

Her training or lack thereof failed on an epic scale.

Does this incident require the complete dismantling of the United States justice system, the firing of every law enforcement officer in the country and dismantling of every police force?

Of course it does, according to angry millennial activists everywhere who feel victimized, oppressed, and get generally pissed off by everyone who is not them.

They don’t really care about Wright or the family he left behind. They don’t give a fig about urban violence that takes countless Black lives that also matter every single day in America.

They just want to bring attention to their own self-indulged issue.

Which brings us to Denver’s Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Our angry youth haven’t been protesting in solidarity like other cities all week.

But in their defense, it has been really cold. 

Injustice can be so inconvenient. 

They do plan to hold a Peaceful Protest at the State Capitol this Saturday at 4 p.m.


We need a movement of the people strong enough to take away the power of the police to kill and terrorize with impunity.

Join us to stand against the racist terror of the police and demand justice for Daunte Wright and all victims of police violence! 

If you can’t make their rally, there’s a BLM march at noon.

We’re guessing Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson won’t be available to cuss out the police on a bullhorn during these events, as he’s been banned from participating in BLM events since being accused of sexual assault.