CU President Mark Kennedy, the man who would dare be a Republican in Boulder’s leftist institution, was censured by the faculty this week because he doesn’t lead to their satisfaction on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The proof was right there in their mirror.

The university has far too many wealthy white, male liberals among the faculty, and too many white liberal students with strong credit scores to qualify for outrageous student loan amounts.

If Kennedy were truly committed to equity, inclusion and diversity, he would have fired whitey and offered free education to everyone.

Although they probably just wanted millions budgeted for the diversity office so they can hire a bunch of people to write more reports on their inclusion efforts. 

Plus a wealthy white liberal male to take Kennedy’s place as president of the university. 

The motion to censure was introduced earlier this month and accuses Kennedy of refusing to include diversity, equity and inclusion as “a stand-alone pillar in his administration’s strategic plan.”


The BFA voted 34 to 19 to move the censure to a vote of the Boulder Faculty Senate and Board of Regents. The Board of Regents is scheduled to consider Kennedy’s contract in June.

Kennedy issued this statement after the vote:

“I hear and understand the concerns raised by the Boulder Faculty Assembly. Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion is among the top priorities for the Board of Regents, me, the campus chancellors and the university community. I welcome both constructive criticism and active engagement to help move that priority forward. I believe we are making progress and I am committed to our ongoing work,” the statement said.

The minority population at CU in Boulder is 28%. Statewide, minorities represent 16% of Colorado’s population.