U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper were literally in line on the tarmac to greet First Lady Jill Biden with bumping elbows as soon as she landed in Colorado this week.

All of them outdoors, masked and vaxxed,  they got their pictures taken and that’s the last we heard about it on the Democrat’s social media posts.

Biden went on to visit with military spouses at Fort Carson and gave a nice little speech to acknowledge how much she appreciated them in advance of military spouse appreciation day Friday.

We found it odd that both Democrat senators also went to Fort Carson and attended Biden’s event, but couldn’t bring themselves to share any of that on their social media posts, or even note their appreciation for the sacrifices made by military spouses every day.

Bennet recognized labor unions on May Day, but hasn’t bothered to mention Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Neither has Hickenlooper.

Maybe this post will shame them into it.