Can Democrat politicians be shamed?

We reported Friday that U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper were eager to bump elbows and take pictures for Twitter with First Lady Jill Biden when her plane landed in Colorado.

For some odd reason, the Democrats neglected to even mention the actual reason for Biden’s visit which they also attended — to meet with military spouses at Fort Carson.

Adding insult to injury, the senators neglected to even acknowledge Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

From our report:

We found it odd that both Democrat senators also went to Fort Carson and attended Biden’s event, but couldn’t bring themselves to share any of that on their social media posts, or even note their appreciation for the sacrifices made by military spouses every day.


Bennet recognized labor unions on May Day, but hasn’t bothered to mention Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Neither has Hickenlooper.


Maybe this post will shame them into it.

About an hour later, Bennet posted this half-hearted tweet that missed the point of the needs expressed by military spouses. Reading the article he tweeted might have averted that.

Hickenlooper soon followed Bennet with a picture of himself trying, and failing to look cool. Eventually, Hick hit the retweet button on the Pentagon’s thank you message, rather than writing one himself.


Maybe Hickenlooper’s just old and it was too much for him to type out Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day … no wait, there’s more …

One of our readers best summed up the entire slight. “When we shame others to do something. They do it without sincerity. That is worse than just ignoring it.”