Democrats keep preaching about annoying potholes and road repairs in their quest to raise nearly $4 billion in fees taxes on Coloradans, and yet that doesn’t appear to be an actual priority once our money is taken.

Their liberal base is making it clear they don’t want pollution-producing highways. They want the money to go for as-yet-to-be-determined climate stuff and thangs.

Just as the trillion dollar infrastructure bill supported by congressional Democrats has been redefined to mean the Green New Deal, Colorado’s so-called transportation bill appears to mean billions for government programs with the word ‘climate’ in it.

Adding insult to injury, Democrats are bypassing TABOR and refusing to allow Coloradans a vote on the tax increases.

So Jesse Mallory with Americans for Prosperity has an interesting solution — get a measure on the ballot to cut the gas tax, which therefore would cancel out all those new fees.

Presto. Instant consumer payback.

Until then, Democrats in the state legislature are marching forward this week to raise your taxes on gas and deliveries for stuff like food and Amazon.

When all that money disappears into a big black hole, you can bet Democrats will still be preaching about climate disasters and the end of the world.