Coloradans have not had a single update on the whereabouts or wellbeing of 230 National Guardsmen and women since Gov. Polis deployed them more than four months ago to Washington, D.C. for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. 

Their real mission was completed in a matter of weeks with thousands of other troops, then they were unceremoniously ordered to vacate the Capitol area to huddle in freezing parking garages on their sleep breaks. 

Democrats quickly decided they didn’t want to send the troops back to their respective states.

They wanted to keep the military protection and razor wire fencing that have since been used as political statements to stoke fears that 70 million Republicans have been radicalized and wanted to physically harm them.

The good news is, the 2,200 National Guard who are still stuck in D.C. will finally be sent home this weekend.

“It’s well past time for the troops to leave,” D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton told The Washington Times on Monday. “We’ve long had word that there were no credible threats.”

Democrats concede there’s no credible threat, yet they still want to spend $1.9 billion on a bunch of new security measures to protect them, as well as cover the $521 million cost for the 26,000 troops in total they’ve used as their own personal guards since Jan. 6.

Peak has repeatedly called for Polis to bring our troops home, only to met with silence.

We’re not even sure if Colorado’s National Guard troops are still there. Polis simply refuses to account for them.

As the commander in chief of Colorado’s National Guard, Polis’s silence these last four months has been nothing short of disgraceful.