Attention math flunkies!

Gov. Polis will give you $1,600 if drop your unemployment benefits claim and go back to work.

Better hurry, because that offer only lasts nine days.

And if you’re stuck on unemployment through Sept. 6, you might only get up to $4,500 extra from federal Covid unemployment bonuses.

Just to clarify, that’s not Polis’s own personal millions he’s passing out as incentives to go back to the jobs he killed over the past year, that’s money earned by workers forced to pay taxes for stupid government tricks like paying people to stop taking unemployment.

This idiotic incentive comes on the heels of the Polis administration’s decision to keep paying federal COVID unemployment bonuses that are paying many workers more than their previous jobs.

The obvious result is a labor shortage — more than 100,000 of Coloradans are collecting unemployment while more than 100,000 jobs remain unfilled.

Meanwhile, Republican governors in 21 states have simply eliminated the federal bonus to address their workforce shortages.

Because that makes sense.