The Denver Post actually printed an op/ed authored by state Republican lawmakers criticizing a Democrat scheme to hike taxes in the name of transportation, but then spend most of the money under the vague category of climate injustice.

The Post gave it a right punchy headline, “Democrats gaslight Coloradans on transportation funding,” then buried it in the Friday Memorial Day weekend edition where no one would likely ever find it.

Authored by State Sens. Bob Rankin of Carbondale and Ray Scott of Grand Junction, the article tackles the myths and realty of Senate Bill 260, which disguises taxes on gas and deliveries as fees in order to block Coloradans from voting on the measure under TABOR.

Democrats claim the new taxes they call fees will solve the state’s road and bridge problems.

But less than half of $3.8 billion will actually go towards roads and bridges, with an astonishing $2 billion going to climate justice programs to be imagined at a later date.

From the article:

While we’re also concerned about the environment and climate, we believe in being honest with the intentions of our legislation. The Department of Transportation has an approximate $10 billion backlog of projects that $2 billion (over 10 years) won’t begin to tackle.


Voters have made two things clear to politicians. First, they want the right to vote on taxes and fees. Second, they don’t want to pay more in taxes and fees for roads and bridges.

If passed and signed into law by Gov. Polis, this will be the largest tax increase in 30 years.

Coloradans should remember this every time they order from Amazon or buy gas and pay that extra tax, that Democrats denied them a vote on the matter.