Tay Anderson didn’t really step away from his duties as a member of the Denver Public School board until after investigations into dozens of sexual abuse allegations against him are completed, as he and media headlines have indicated.

Anderson was only talking about that first accusation, not the other 62.

Plus, Anderson paused his duties after graduations were completed and schools were already dismissed for the summer.

With his usual drama and fanfare, Anderson claimed tonight’s vote to name Alex Marrero as superintendent would be his last until August or until the investigation is complete.

Not all of the sexual assault allegations, just the one investigation the board planned to conclude in a couple of weeks.

And just to clarify, there’s only one meeting scheduled this summer Anderson would miss.

So when Anderson magnanimously agreed to step away from his duties, what he really meant was — school’s already out for the summer, dummies.

Topping it off, Anderson had the gall to claim his vote tonight for superintendent is really just for the children, and in case it’s a close vote.

“Selecting the superintendent is one of the most important things a school board must do, regardless of the things going on outside of my role as a board member,” Anderson told Chalkbeat. “I was duly elected by the citizens of Denver to make this important decision to put kids first and to give Denver Public Schools a new beginning, especially in the event this is a close vote.”

Chalkbeat went on to explain that by all indications, it will not be a close vote and the board intends to hire Marrero with or without Anderson’s vote. 

The board’s vote will come in spite of a call from Latino groups to delay the superintendent vote, after it was learned Marrero’s been named in a federal lawsuit for actions allegedly taken while he was in charge of a New York school system.