Have you heard about the SHRED Act that would return some of the money generated by federal fees in ski areas back to the local forest area?

Of course you have.

The legislation was originally introduced by former U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and backed by former Congressman Scott Tipton.

You’re hearing about the Republican’s efforts again because now it’s being sponsored by Democrats who are taking credit for pursing the idea.

What Bennet’s campaign manager actually said was, let’s just steal Cory Gardner’s bill and call it a day.

Here’s the what the bill would do:

Currently, ski resorts that operate in national forests have to pay a permit fee that goes directly to the U.S. treasury. The bill would create a Ski Area Fee Retention Account, earmarking a portion of those permitting fees for the Forest Service. National Forests that get less than $15 million in ski fees would keep 75 percent of those funds, forests that get more than $15 million would keep only 60 percent.

Contrary to Neguse’s belief, the Forest Service’s firefighting fund is a completely separate entity.

Still, Gardner sure had a great idea with the legislation he authored.