“Virtually all school districts insist they are not teaching critical race theory,” NBC News reports.

That comes as news to the residents of Aurora, considering high school teacher Bryan Lindstrom made it pretty clear this week he’s doing everything he can to keep critical race theory in the classroom.

Lindstrom is a well known socialist activist who once ran for city council, and teaches in Aurora Public Schools.

Critical race theory teaches that the U.S. is inherently racist. Woke academics spouse the theory that race, as opposed to merit or one’s individual capabilities, is the most important factor in determining social outcomes.

Critics say it teaches racism to children.

If Lindstrom really believes he can force this theory on his students without the consent of their families, we’re guessing more than a few Aurora Public School parents will have something to say.

Moreover, Lindstrom’s pledge to continue teaching racism in his classroom regardless of school district policy is especially troubling.

We’d question what other partisan agendas he believes high school teachers should be free to pursue, but he’s already answered that one.


Regardless of what the mainstream media preaches, critical race theory is alive and well in some Colorado public schools.

That is unless parents start to speak up and put a stop to teachers like Lindstrom, who believes it’s he/him/we’s job to indoctrinate kids with liberal and racist garbage.