The Denver Post is either straight up lying or the most incompetent media outlet that covered the Western Conservative Summit over the weekend and resulting protest by leftist whacktivists.

Because according to the Denver Post, there was no protest:

Compare that headline to The Washington Times’s coverage:

Here’s the Denver Post’s “scene one,” Andy Ngo’s speech:

As he spoke, several police officers stood sentry in front of the stage to protect him; they left when he left the stage. Ngo is often a target of protests, and Westword reported that a range of progressive groups, including the Denver Communists, would protest outside the Hyatt — an event dubbed the “Western BLM-Antifa Summit.” But no protesters were spotted inside or outside Saturday.

Got that? No. Protestors.

Meanwhile, here are some of the protestors who weren’t spotted by the Denver Post:


This is one of our favorites, an antifa protestor harassing and threatening a “fuck the police” protestor:

Maybe that’s why the Denver Post didn’t see any protestors, they were blinded by laser beams.

You can read reports by other media outlets about the protests the Denver Post didn’t see here, here and in the Washington Times here.