Democrats have finally noticed those regulations they boasted would ensure equal pay have instead  blown up in the collective face of the state’s workforce with out-of-state companies now blackballing remote workers in Colorado. 

We’ve written about it in stories here and here since the Wall Street Journal posted their report on the phenomenon June 17.

The so-called equal pay rule signed into law by Gov. Polis in January requires job listings to post salary information for certain positions.

Businesses say the disclosure rules pose significant legal compliance risks, drastically limits a company’s ability to negotiate salary with new hires, and can put companies at a competitive disadvantage.

In lieu of posting salary ranges, companies like Twitter, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Digital Ocean, Nike, DocuSign, and scores of others are simply excluding Colorado candidates so they don’t have to comply with Polis’s regulations.

Leftist lawmakers here are shocked the rest of America won’t go along with their rules or face expensive fines. 

But instead of doing something to fix the problem so Coloradans can get back to work, Democrats tell the Colorado Sun their big idea is to double-down and sic Uncle Sam on all businesses across the country and make every state play by their rules. 

They want the Colorado’s congressional delegation to turn their bad idea into a federal law and deny funding and business opportunities to everyone who refuses to abide by their disclosure demands.

Back on Planet Earth, Republicans say more regulations is not the answer to one very bad one.

“When politicians start micromanaging in the affairs of business, the effects tend to be more red tape, more regulation,” said Rep. Kevin Van Winkle, a Highlands Ranch Republican. “We’re competing nationwide for jobs right now, and people are moving with their feet to low-tax states, low-regulation states.”

These rules put companies and potential workers at a disadvantage and the legislature needs to repeal it when they convene in January.