A new video posted by Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown castigates Gov. Polis for refusing to answer questions about the spike of nursing home deaths as the state’s contact tracing programs was awarded to political allies.

The video doesn’t mince words.

“Jared Polis made bad decisions and people died. Jared Polis handed away responsibility to a Democrat donor’s testing company, and people died.”

Peak reported earlier this week that Brown called for an investigation of the Polis administration after an explosive report by Colorado Public Radio revealing the spike of deaths from Thanksgiving to Christmas as the state’s faulty testing and tracing system collapsed.

Gov. Jared Polis and the leader of the state’s health department never revealed to the public that the state’s lab was overwhelmed or that the state’s nursing homes had become, however briefly, the deadliest in the nation.


They maintained that any shortcomings in the state’s performance against the virus resulted from personal choices made by Coloradans.

As Polis blamed the victims, he neglected to mention this:

In a desperate attempt to relieve pressure on the state lab, CDPHE entered into a no-bid contract with a start-up testing company called Curative, then began using it “off-label” to test even nursing home workers and residents without symptoms. The only cited evidence that gamble might pay off: a sampling of 14 test subjects by the company. The state eventually paid Curative nearly $90 million, but finally abandoned the test in January after two chaotic months.

Now that reporters and the public are demanding answers, Polis himself refuses to even make a public statement. Instead, he sends out his minions to offer excuses the media continues to shoot down.

As the ad explains: “ … Jared Polis runs. Jared Polis hides, Jared Polis won’t talk to the media. Jared Polis won’t answer the people. Governors don’t hide. But Jared Polis does.”