Here’s a fun new toy launched by the Tax Foundation that shows how President Biden’s income redistribution effort will make winners and losers of American taxpayers with Coloradans in the losing column.

The average tax change for Coloradans beginning next year is an additional $731, increasing yearly to $1,715 a year for a total of nearly $13,000 over the next decade.


The map shows by congressional district how much some Coloradans will be affected more than others.


Coloradans annual tax increases will average almost as much as California’s. So that sucks.

The Tax Foundation says the tax hikes are proposed in Biden’s budget, the American Families Plan, and American Jobs Plan.

Those measures would levy $2.3 trillion in new taxes on high-income earners and businesses and provide $998 billion in refundable tax credits to low and middle-income households for a net tax increase of $1.3 trillion (conventionally estimated over the budget window of 2022 to 2031). 

Click here to play with their interactive map based on congressional districts. 

Share it with all your liberal friends on social medial and remind them this wouldn’t be happening if Republicans still had control of the U.S. House, Senate, or both.