National news coverage of Gov. Polis’s inane policies that threaten to tank the state’s economy have gone beyond exposing the problem and are now flat out mocking the Democrat for making such a mess of things.

It’s not a good review.

The article captures it all leading with Polis’s recent law that resulted in blackballing Colorado’s remote workers.

Compounding the shutdown’s effects on businesses are the minimum wage hikes.

Then there’s the new family and medical leave law that’s so overly generous it’s turning away businesses looking to relocate here.

Plus the oil and gas regulations and the burdensome new wage and labor laws on the agricultural industry.

But the cherry on top is Polis’s adamant refusing to end the artificially inflated unemployment checks that are proving to be a disincentive to work.

Governor Unemployment has indeed turned one of the strongest state economies in the country into a basket case.

Colorado has gone from the nation’s lowest unemployment rate to one of the highest, and all this under the leadership of Polis, the National Review writes.

Read the rest, linked here.

It’s a good reminder as we celebrate our independence that we no longer toil under the yoke of monarchy and Governor Unemployment can be voted out of office next year.