What was really so important this summer that Denver school board’s unremitting victim Tay Anderson couldn’t wait until an investigation of sexual assault allegations against him was completed?

Nothing, according to the school board’s statement issued this week after Anderson announced that three months was too long for investigators to complete their findings.

The board doesn’t meet until their retreat in mid August, which is when the investigation is expected to be completed anyway. 

If anything, it looks like Tay’s declaration he’s back on the job comes just as the investigation is expanding.

From Tay’s letter to his fellow school board members:

“Despite the original agreements on the scope and timeline of this investigation between myself and ILG, the independent investigation has drifted into vastly new areas, including a period of time when I was not even an adult, an employee of DPS, or an elected member of the DPS Board.”

That certainly begs a lot of questions, chief among them:

Why is the investigation expanding? 

What have the investigators found that’s led them down these roads and delayed their findings?

During Tay’s press conference this week, they were broadly dismissive of potential victims who may not have come forward yet. 

Was this a warning that Tay’s powerful woke allies could destroy their lives? Witness tampering?

Tay’s denials are becoming inconsistent. He initially said that if he’s done anything wrong, he wanted to make amends and have restorative justice.

Now he’s saying he didn’t do anything.

With Tay’s back on the job full time with nothing on his schedule until (checks notes) after the investigation is completed, how will he pass the time?

He could quit the Denver school board investigation and run for Denver City Council:

Or just spread the rumor as a prompt for his admirers to tell him he’s great and should run.

So far, there’s been no takers.