The Polis administration is spending $8.8 million in taxpayer dollars to pay people on social media, including several prominent Democrats, to convince their social media followers to get vaccinated.

And you thought they were your friends who just had your best interest at heart?


More than 120 Coloradans on Instagram, TikTok, and across social media platforms are being paid $400 to $1000 per month through Denver-based Idea Marketing to influence their followers to do their bidding.

Axios reports those on the payroll include doctors, which would make sense.

But also being fed pre-approved messages to pass on to their friends and community are Democratic strategists, candidates, Hispanics, social butterflies, busy bees, teachers, musicians, moms and restaurant owners.

Has it actually worked in increasing vaccination numbers?

The campaign has exceeded its targets for impressions and engagements, but the broader effectiveness remains uncertain because minority populations remain underrepresented in vaccine doses to date.

That’s interesting. Based on the high-pitched screeching and partisan bickering coming from the left, we’ve been led to believe only knuckle-dragging Republicans are rejecting the vaccine.

Now Polis is spending nearly $9 million of our hard-earned dollars to convince Democrats and minority populations to take the vaccine?

The Unaffiliated, Colorado Sun’s newsletter, busted the Polis administration for including the Democrat politicos, one of whom will now see his contract cancelled after being outed as a candidate for a Sheridan city councilor seat since (checks notes) June 21.

Turns out taxpayers weren’t getting any bang for their buck with Terrance Kelly’s “influence” anyway, as his Facebook video encouraging vaccinations only has a feeble 19 views.

Also being paid to sway anti vaxxers is racial and social justice activist Candice Bailey, who is suing Aurora to overturn the city’s charter language banning convicted felons from running for city council. 

Bailey’s contract is apparently secure, as she’s technically not a candidate yet. She just has every intention of becoming one, which is why she’s suing the city.

But the Polis administration assured The Unaffiliated they would cancel Shenika Carter’s contract if she follows through on her intentions to run for Commerce City Council.

How the Polis administration can pay Democrat candidates clearly running for office to boost their social media presence with taxpayer dollars and keep a straight face is beyond farcical. 

Also on the payroll is Stephany Rose Spaulding, who ran in the Democrat primary for the U.S. Senate.

Spaulding is the associate vice chancellor of equity, diversity and inclusion for the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

As if the politicos on the payroll couldn’t be any cozier with the Democrat Party, Emma Tang is also a paid influencer to the anti vax crowd, and a veteran of Spaulding’s Senate campaign, as is Carter, who was Spaulding’s political director.