The City of Denver has decreed that all city and county employees along with many in private sector jobs must be fully vaccinated by the end of September, or else.

If you work in a hospital or clinical setting, in a long-term health care facility or are a home health care provider, Denver Mayor Hancock says you must get a shot.

Everyone who works in shelters, jails, child care providers, everyone who works at a public or private school must be vaccinated by Sept. 30.

Everyone who works at the library, the airport, or serves on a board or commission has been ordered to get the vaccine.

And yet, the Denver Post reports:

While Hancock pledged that the city will work with those who have concerns about the vaccine or refuse to get their shots, he noted that there will be consequences for those who do not follow his order.


“There might be some folks who may lose their jobs behind this,” he said.

How can an elected official order medical treatments such as a vaccine for private citizens who don’t work for him or threaten their jobs?

Hancock didn’t say. 

It’s a public health order, and apparently all our rights as United States citizens are suspended until we flatten the curve we don’t know for sure.

President Biden said the goal was to reach a 70% vaccination rate, but that’s not good enough anymore.

Public Health Director Bob McDonald explains what is needed:

In addition, vaccinations in Denver have “largely stalled,” McDonald said. While about 70% of the city’s population is fully vaccinated, that number isn’t high enough. More people must receive their vaccinations before fall, he said.

So there you have it. Until Denver reaches the scientific level of “more” by the time certain date of “before fall,” all of these people must submit, or else.