The president of the United States of America has called on the governor of New York to resign after an attorney general report determined the Democrat sexually harassed several women in his office.

That ain’t no small thing, especially since both men represent the same political party.

Also joining the fray with their fellow Democrats are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York in calling for Cuomo’s resignation.

The Wall Street Journal reports there are enough votes on both sides of the aisle in the New York state assembly to impeach the governor.

And the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island have expressed their outrage and demanded Cuomo resign.

Excellent question.

We go live now to Polis’s press conference on the matter now in progress:

This admittedly is very awkward for Polis, who like New York’s Governor Grab Ass is also under fire for apparent negligence by the state that led to a distressing number of increased COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes.

Polis was dubbed the Cuomo of the West after Colorado Public Radio revealed the state failed to adequately test and safeguard nursing home patients here during the most critical time.

The state had the worst death rate per nursing home bed in the country during the height of the pandemic in Colorado between Thanksgiving and Christmas — double the national average, the report revealed. 

Colorado’s Cuomo, indeed. 

Polis isn’t the only one in hiding from the Cuomo scandal. 

All of Colorado’s Democrat delegation, including Ms. #MeToo over in the 1st Congressional District, are turning their back on the victims and pretending there’s nothing amiss.