U.S. officials still have no plans to rescue Americans left behind Taliban lines outside Kabul, and our citizens trapped inside the fallen city are on their own with no safe passage to the airport to escape a country now in chaos.

Where are President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress?

They’re all still on vacation and can’t be bothered with the crisis.

Instead, they unleashed a “Karen” to read a strongly worded letter to the Taliban manager-in-charge to set them straight on what they have to do now that we’ve lost the war.

And that didn’t work, at all. 

So what about those 15,000 American civilians who were left behind enemy lines when Biden’s exit strategy collapsed? Shouldn’t somebody be coming up with a plan to rescue them?

Maybe Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet can help. After all, he’s on the Senate Intelligence Committee, surely that’s good for something in these circumstances?

Well, the plight of any woman under Sharia law is a horror we’re all familiar with under Islamic rule.

And it was never a walk in the park when the Taliban were in charge the first time — whether the woman was a leader or the girl next door kidnapped into marriage. Advocates across the globe will have their work cut out for them years to come.

But getting back to the American women and men civilians who also face beatings, rape, torture, and death because they were left behind by the U.S. government, what swift action is being done to help them escape the country, like right now?

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper says something should probably be done, but he’s too busy working on another plan to rescue these folks and can’t be bothered:

Not to sound redundant, but shouldn’t you all be streamlining the relocation of American citizens trapped in a country that has fallen to our enemy back to the U.S.?

Leave it to Hickenlooper to prioritize rescuing journalists.

Those guys should be careful accepting favors from Hick. The payback will likely be protection for the senator in any future ethics investigation.

So if Americans can’t get any help from the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, which by the way is on vacation until Sept. 13, maybe we should look to other elected officials to launch a rescue mission to bring our citizens home?

Never mind.

The next election cycle can’t come soon enough.