House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s serious about enforcing the mask mandate on members of Congress when they return to Washington, D.C. early from the August recess this week to address Afghanistan vote on President Biden’s $5 trillion in pork spending.

Of course we’re segueing immediately to Pelosi’s weekend fundraiser in Napa Valley, where no one was wearing masks, except for the servants.

Try and explain that to tens of thousands of kids in numerous Colorado counties who face mask mandates at school this week.

Pelosi and her rich friends who fund her campaign don’t have to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but members of Congress do on the House floor because it pisses off Republicans.

Similar rules apply for other Democrats.

 Chuck Schumer had his dancing shoes ready.

The Senate majority leader was filmed cutting a rug backstage at the We Love NYC concert with late-night host Stephen Colbert Saturday before Tropical Storm Henri led to the Central Park event’s cancellation.

“Backstage antics,” tweeted Bill Neidhardt, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesman, along with the video, shortly before rainfall would cut the concert short in the middle of a Barry Manilow set.


You see children? Masks don’t have to be worn at major outdoor events attended by New York Democrats on Friday, but Republicans going to a Trump event on Saturday in a southern country town are just asking for trouble if they don’t wear masks.

Trump rally, Cullman, Alabama.

Here’s your lesson for today, children: What’s it called when the media says Cullman County Alabama has a COVID emergency with 160 new cases reported on Saturday, while New York City had nearly 3,300 the same day yet COVID is not an emergency — even though vaccines are required to buy food there?

That’s right, children, hypocrisy. Extra points if you guessed blatant hypocrisy.

Back home in Colorado, Gov. Polis says he won’t impose a mask mandate on students statewide, “unless in-person learning or hospital capacity were threatened.”

Polis also suggested that if school districts ignore state guidance, he’s likely to make masks mandatory.

And what is the state guidance?

Colorado follows the CDC in recommending that local public health agencies and school districts consider either mask requirements for all unvaccinated individuals or mask requirements for all individuals in schools, particularly in higher-risk environments.

Try explaining that one to your kids, as well.