U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter took more time urging President Biden to permanently close Gitmo and seek prompt resolution for the remaining terrorist suspects in the September 11 attack than he did aiding Americans left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

Read it and weep, literally— the Aug. 5 letter Perlmutter signed with controversial Democrat U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Here’s the punch line:

“We ask that as you take the steps necessary to finally close the prison, you act immediately to further reduce its population, ensure that the remaining detainees are treated humanely, and increase the transparency of military commission proceedings at Guantanamo.”


“The continued operation of the prison is a stain on our international reputation and undermines our ability to advocate for human rights and the rule of law.”

Isn’t it enough that 5,000 terrorists jailed at Bargram Air Base were liberated by the Taliban as the murderous thugs toppled the Afghanistan government, surrounded the U.S. military at the Kabul airport, and proved the Biden administration’s exit plan to be a complete failure?

Surely Perlmutter can settle for that, and not worry about freeing suspected terrorists held on American soil?

As for Perlmutter’s actions since the fall of Afghanistan, just 10 days after he asked Biden to close Gitmo, it’s just as embarrassingly inept.

After more than a week of watching his Democrat colleague U.S. Rep. Jason Crow’s tweets highlighting his office’s successful efforts to help Americans and our allies, Perlmutter decided to try the rescue business himself.

That’s pretty impressive. So what does Perlmutter have?

Well, there wasn’t an actual link to resources the first day it was up, then they basically plagiarized Crow’s help page.

Like we said, Perlmutter spent more time on Omar’s letter to Biden on behalf of suspected terrorists, than he did actually assisting Americans in Afghanistan.