While the mainstream media is obsessing over opposition to mandated school masks in Red States like Florida and Texas, a new poll shows Colorado has the fourth-highest opposition nationwide to such mandates.

The Axios/Momentum poll reports that across multiple political parties, Blue-leaning states like Iowa have the highest opposition with 44%, followed by Ohio with 43%, Minnesota with 38%, and Colorado with 37%.

Opposition among Republicans is also stronger in Colorado, where 70% say they oppose the mandate compared to 52% of Florida Republicans and 46% of Texas Republicans.

Nationwide, the poll fell along party lines with 85% of Democrats supporting a school mask mandate as well as 66% of independents. Only 32% of Republicans support a mandate.

Mask mandates for Colorado kids varies by K-12 school districts and applies to those vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated.  

In Denver child care facilities and others throughout the state, toddlers as young as two are forced to wear masks all day.

How’s that working out so far?

According to state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy, the number of hospitalizations now are the most since January, yet the highest rate of transmission is among kids between ages 6 and 11.

So, can we take the masks off the kindergarten students and the toddlers?

And since it’s not working so well for the other kids too young to be vaccinated, schools should let them take off their masks as well.