Chalk this one up as one hell of an embarrassment for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

Just a few days after Bennet spent a day in Utah with U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney for a wilderness junket, with the BLM, Romney absolutely ripped Bennet’s marquee issue in a Senate hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Bennet and the Biden administration’s $3.5 trillion budget, which they call the “human infrastructure” bill, would extend $300 monthly child tax credits to illegal immigrants.

And by tax credit, that means they get a monthly check.

Under Bennet’s child tax credit an illegal immigrant family of four would make over $1200 per month – well beyond incomes in many Latin American countries.

“If you can get paid $300 per child, even though the child is here illegally and you’re here illegally, that’s going to encourage people to come here,” Romney told Mayorkas.

With the southern border already in chaos it’s hard to dispute that new taxpayer-funded welfare for illegals will further the humanitarian tragedy on display in places like Del Rio.

It’s unclear whether Romney brought any of this up to Bennet while they were in Utah, but by the looks of it they certainly found a lot of time to chat.

Right now, Bennet’s Child Tax Credit faces an uncertain future in the House as socialists and moderate wings of Democrats level ultimatums and threats at each other over the reconciliation process.

If the two sides can’t come to an agreement, it’s entirely possible the pork-filled bill will die, along with the actual infrastructure bill that already passed the Senate.

We tend to doubt that will happen. But with a White House that’s demonstrated they aren’t exactly big on the whole idea of planning ahead, who knows what the future has in store for Bennet’s plan to provide welfare for illegal immigrants.