Hundreds of Denver high school students demanded school board director Tay Anderson resign or be recalled during a walkout this week.

Nearly 1,400 people have also signed this petition urging a recall of Anderson.

Even the leftists of left newspaper rags, the Aurora Sentinel, has turned their back on the once popular socialist Democrat.

Rather than suffer more of Anderson’s desperate distraction and damage for two years, Denver voters should recall him, making clear to him and others that the community will not tolerate adult leaders who “flirt” with the children they are elected to protect and serve.

Meanwhile, Anderson has made it clear he just doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about and has no plans to resign.

Not a single victim came forward as a witness against him in the months long investigation by the school board. 

Those intimidating tweets he sent out weren’t intended as a message threatening anyone who might testify against him, Tay insists. 

Tay didn’t know the high school girl he flirted with was underage and he says he apologized for his creepy come on to that other girl.

The bottom line is, Tay doesn’t think his actions were wrong, and that’s what is so wrong. 

While Anderson may find his backpedaling, justification and minimization meaningful in his personal relationships, the rationalizations for his serious abuse of juvenile girls is nothing but an additional offense.

That Anderson is unable to understand the gravity and danger of his behavior only underscores how unqualified he is to work with children or speak on their behalf.

Tay’s response to the public outrage was to stomp into his room and slam the door behind him.

He’s turned off his Twitter accounts to public view, and holding his breath until everyone stops being mean to him.

So, who’s going to organize that recall campaign?