The next filing deadline for congressional candidates to report how much money they’re raising is coming up next week. 

That means the popular ones who raked in a lot of dough will start leaking their totals to the media any day now to get the jump on their challengers. 

But from what we’re hearing, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter won’t be one of those gushing about his success.

Perlmutter should have the fundraising advantage as the incumbent. 

So if it’s true his pleas for campaign cash are hitting deaf ears, should we expect an announcement this representative for the soon-to-be-rearranged 7th Congressional District is finally going to retire after 14 years?

It’s understandable his usual contributors might be put off by all the news reports of the congressman’s $uccessful $tock trading with Google and other big tech holdings. 

It’s not a good look for a congressman who votes on legislation to break up big tech.

Perlmutter also took a hit last month when it was revealed he was working behind the scenes to permanently close Gitmo and release those remaining terrorist suspects in the September 11 attack.

His was terrible timing — just before the Taliban overthrew Afghanistan and freed hundreds of terrorist suspects jailed by U.S. forces.

No wonder Perlmutter didn’t even share pictures of himself with Joe Biden when the president visited his congressional district last week. 

Stay tuned!