That was quite the major news dump Friday night when no one was paying attention.

It turns out the Denver police have actually conducted an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against school board director Tay Anderson, which no media outlet has bothered to report on, until now.

And the Denver Police Department sought to prosecute their case against Anderson for sexual assault.

We only know that now because the Denver Post reported Friday night that District Attorney Beth McCann is refusing to prosecute.

The Denver Police Department brought a sexual assault case against Anderson to the district attorney’s office, but after reviewing the facts, prosecutors decided Thursday they would be unable to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury, said Carolyn Tyler, a spokeswoman for Democrat District Attorney Beth McCann.

Peak Nation™ will remember Democrat McCann, a former state representative, and her husband, Christopher Linsmayer, who pled guilty in July to attempted arson charges for leaving slash piles burning near his Kremmling property.

Linsmayer previously faced fines and criminal charges for similar allegations, according to Sky-Hi News. He was previously suspected of unintentionally starting a 10-acre wildfire near Kremmling in 2016.

But we digress.

Why in the Hell hasn’t the media reported on this police investigation until now?

And what do police know, that the public doesn’t, that persuaded them to bring a sexual assault case against Anderson?

It’s disappointing McCann rejected prosecuting any charge outright because she didn’t think she could win the case. Did she tell police to keep investigating, or just drop the case?

It’s also a shame there were no details of the police department’s case that was buried in a classic Democrat Friday night news dump.

The students of Denver Public Schools and their parents deserve full transparency in this case, not a political coverup.