A Grand Junction middle school is under fire for a controversial writing assignment given to young students that included questions about their imaginary character’s sexual habits. 

“When did you (sic) character last have sex?”

“What sort of sex do they have?”

The principal at West Middle School claims these questions were accidentally included from an even longer list the teacher found online. 

The teacher shortened the list into what passes these days for an assignment to teach writing, into 200 questions with mostly yes, no, or other monosyllabic answers.

According to KJCT, most of the students were 12 or 13 years old.

We spoke to several parents who are upset because they feel this is not only an inappropriate topic for their young kids, but they were never asked for permission regarding the assignment either.


The school says the teacher has apologized to the families of the students in her class.

Parents shouldn’t just write off the incident as an accident.

Let is serve as a reminder to always keep a close eye on what children are being taught in schools. 

These questions were probably intended for a more mature student in an advanced creative writing college class for English or theater majors.

But still, it’s a lazy assignment.

If yes or no surveys is what passes for teaching character development these days, it certainly explains why there’s nothing good to watch anymore on Netflix.