That thumping noise reverberating across Washington, D.C. today was the sound of President Biden tumbling underneath the military bus where he was unceremoniously pitched by his top generals testifying before Congress.

Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and U.S. Central Command commander Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie all gave their version of events that differed from what President Biden has had to say about the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee demanded to know why there has been zero accountability and no responsibility taken by anyone in the chain of command for what they described as the biggest national security fiasco of a generation.

The military brass assured the senators they would like into the mess to see if any one person should be held accountable.

As for Milley, he confirmed he has no intention of offering his resignation.

The Pentagon officials head over to the other side of the Hill Wednesday where they will face the House Armed Services Committee upon which Colorado U.S. Reps. Doug Lamborn and Jason Crow sit. 

Crow, a Democrat, has been noticeably silent on social media about today’s hearing, while Lamborn has already fired a shot across the bow.

Crow wasn’t the only Colorado Democrat noticeably MIA in weighing in on today’s hearing.

In his opening statement, Milley responded to claims in a Bob Woodward book that described him as so concerned about President Trump’s mental state in the last days of his presidency, the general called China and assured the communists there were no plans to launch a nuclear hissy fit. 

“I know—I am certain—President Trump didn’t intend on attacking the Chinese, and it is my directed responsibility to convey presidential orders and intent,” Gen. Milley said in his prepared testimony. “My task at the time was to de-escalate. My message again was consistent: ‘Calm, steady, de-escalate. We are not going to attack you.’ ”

It’s obviously too much for Bennet and the rest of the Democrat Party to do their jobs responsibly and demand some accountability.

They are frightfully inept at utilizing our military to protect Americans against real threats.

No wonder they put all their energies into creating imaginary problems to solve.