It’s come to this.

UC Health has refused to perform a live-saving kidney transplant for an El Paso County resident unless she gets vaccinated against COVID-19, says Assistant House Minority Leader Tim Geitner.

Geitner took to social media Tuesday to expose the medical center’s decision.

Geitner said the patient only has 17% function left in her kidneys, and has found a matching donor.

She has not taken the vaccine because she’s tested positive for the antibodies, he said.

Someone in position of authority at the medical facility told the Republican that was their policy not to go forward unless she was vaccinated and they were not swayed by the lawmaker from Falcon.

You can watch Geitner’s Facebook live video posted here, in which he explains the details.

Geitner’s comments are aimed at Gov. Polis, who really ramped up the fear and bitterness early in the outbreak against anyone who did not follow his orders by calling them bad actors.

Those who refused to follow the mask order indoors and outdoors during early days, Polis called selfish bastards. 

No word yet from the governor as to whether he supports denying life-saving surgeries to at-risk Coloradans with COVID-19 antibodies, because they haven’t taken the vaccine. 

Taking their hate cues from Dear Leader, the responses on Twitter have been brutal against the patient. 

None seem to have watched Geitner’s video where he said she has tested positive for the antibodies. 

Or, they just think her 17% kidney function should just suck it up and risk even more complications.

Unless she vaccinates, they say she is unworthy of the kidney donor she found. 

UCHealth spokesman Dan Weaver told the Denver Post “patients may be required to receive vaccinations including hepatitis B, MMR and others. Patients may also be required to avoid alcohol, stop smoking, or prove they will be able to continue taking their anti-rejection medications long after their transplant surgery. These requirements increase the likelihood that a transplant will be successful and the patient will avoid rejection.”

That’s a lot of mays, mights, and maybes.

The one question that wasn’t asked or answered, is why the medical center would not accept a patient that already has the antibodies needed to fight off the virus.